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the GAP

I had a thought about it yesterday, the difference you felt towards anyone you are closed to. How close you are does not really mean how you share things with them. It means, something else.

A friend once told me, you share your personal affair with someone because you believe they might understand the same like you do. The most obvious one, to whom you ever shared your balance in your bank account? Family? Maybe?

It’s the gap. Why I said family simply means because you don’t feel the gap between you and your family. A family won’t put you in a corner where you’d feel so small with what you have. No matter how much your dad owns, he will not talk about it. You know yourself but since he doesn’t brag or mention anything about money, you will not feel the gap, so you wouldn’t mind sharing how much you had. There’s still some who did that to motivate their son etc, there is no harm doing that though 🙂

What I am trying to explain here is that, you will share things as long as you don’t feel the gap. I am not sure how many knows that I don’t like to talk about money, if need to, yes. They might not have intention of bragging or showing off, but once I feel the gap, you and me, I will not talk about my money. I am just not comfortable. I know you won’t judge but if you try to fill in the gaps, I will.

There are some people who knows almost everything about me just because they don’t make me feel the gap. Rich and poor, good or bad, as long as I feel no difference, I would love to share things with you.


Yes, I have never been to anywhere

  1. Yes, I have never been on a cruise.
  2. Yes, I have never ride an elephant.
  3. Yes, I have never been to Bali.
  4. Yes, I have never been to Sabah Sarawak.
  5. Yes, I never tried sky-diving.
  6. Yes, I have never took a ride in a limo.
  7. Yes, I have never experience those things like everyone else.

After the conversation, I realized that my life is not as adventurous like other people where they have the opportunity to travel around the world. I thought I have experienced enough, but I’m not. I wish I could put them all in my bucket list but the fact that the list will go on and on, there is no point to feel sad about it.

Some people are very lucky because they had the opportunities. But never look at others as if they missed out most of the fun in life. Pull them up, build dreams with them. Every little thing counts, even a promise that you never had a chance to fulfill.

I might not be a fun person after all, but I am grateful of what I have now. You can’t see the blessings because you keep peeping at others and compare.


10 things to do 1 week before travelling

Check your travelling status

You booked your flight tickets so advanced but never wonder how things could mess up if, “Sorry sir, you are not allowed to travel due your PTPTN loan got blacklisted?”. First, you can go to this website as this website enables Malaysian to check their immigration status on application for passport and travelling overseas. Just put your identity card number and see if there is any restriction for you to travel. Keep in mind that the status only valid the day and time you perform the checking. To play safe, you can also call directly to any financial institution you owe them for confirmation.

Do online web check-in for your boarding pass

If you’re travelling with the low cost airline, it is better to do web check in because it buys you some time in case you’re stuck in traffic and late to airport. But if you’re travelling with friends then you want better seats without paying, another option is to come early do the counter check in earlier. For my case, I have missed two international flights before with same airlines and I will make sure I will reach the airport 3-4 hours early. My experience taught me that “you get what you paid for” 🙂

Access to internet when travelling

No matter where you travel, you must have access to the internet. Travelling will be easier with a good internet connection so you can access anything you want to know about the place you’re exploring. You have a lot of option for this but for me there’s only two best way s in doing this. First, you rent a modem at the local store to use it when you’re travelling. It will cost a lot cheaper RM25/day compare if you’re roaming from your mobile. You can get one at Mid Valley they called it Visiondata. The second option is to rent the modem at the airport where your destination should be. You can do some research on which data provider provides you the best package of internet.  For my case, I will travel to japan and Pupuru is the famous one used by the tourists.

Finalize your itinerary

My previous post is about how we create our itinerary to specific place, at specific time with a detailed research. So just one week before you travel, finalize all that. Maybe you want to slot in a new discovered place and considering all the budgets and distance. By finalizing, you will have a smooth travel experience with a clear mind 🙂

Listing out your shopping list

Not much money to spend on your mind? Do a shopping list, a specific one and you can restrict yourself from buying the unnecessary ones. Some people might not like this idea but for me, it’s a good way to manage your money so that you have enough cash through out the journey.

Purchase your theme park tickets online

I hate queuing so I always purchase my tickets online. Themes parks has become very significant places to visit especially for families, and even for us the not-so-young adult :). I find it a bit tricky to purchase online tickets for certain countries which used a different writing language like Japanese or Korean. I did my research and found this useful reference that I finally managed to buy our tickets online for Universal Studio Japan. Here is the link:

Travel outfits

Of course you want to travel with style and look good in the picture. Ok come on, who don’t? The easiest way to pack your stuff is by doing staples. Which shirt matches with this pant and which jacket suits the boots and all that. I will do this every single time and it helped a lot because you don’t have time to match your outfit while travelling. Matching outfit for Autumn or any season give me a lot of fun too.  Start your travel outfit staples by Day 1 Day 2 and so on.

fall staples 1


Hotel Confirmation

This could be very simple that you can email or call the hotel you are going to stay for your vacation. If you have any inquiries, just give them the notification maybe if you need to drop your luggage earlier or do a late check in, you might want to inform the hotel representative for that. Or maybe you require an extra bed, or you require any service that fits yourself during the stay.

Snacks Shopping

This refers to an emergency situation when you get hungry in the middle of the night like me 🙂 Shop your snacks before you travel because you know what you need here and where you can buy them. My list of favorite snacks goes longer and longer before I could fly and I’m gonna fit them inside one bag. Another way of saving money if you’re renting an apartment or stay at your friend’s place, you can buy the cooking ingredients and start cooking!

Arrange transport to the airport

Take the train from KL Sentral would be the easiest way of avoiding traffic or any hassles on the way to the airport. But if you have a lot of stuff, then call a cab or any Uber driver to drive you and make sure they are punctual.

Happy travelling and I pray your journey will be smooth all the way.






Jason Momoa in my dream

I’ve been a fan of Jason Momoa since I found him on Game of Thrones Season I. Having him as your man must be every girl’s dream but to have him inside your dream is the sweetest moment ever happened, to me, in my dream 🙂

So this morning, I was awaken by a very beautiful dream that I could wish for more. So here the story goes:

There was one island, a very beautiful island where me and Jason spend our evening. Not long after that, the emergency alarm was beeping and everyone was running away from something. He was on his surfing board when the big waves come.  Aquaman on what, again?

So we started to swim and find our way until we reached this one land. Land of nowhere but only the natives tried to tie us up and make us their hostages. We were locked in a cage where we need to survive some challenges in order to spare our lives.

There’s a sharp metal studded ball bearing like a Newton’s cradle exactly behind our head and sharp knife at the front enough to split the head into halves. He did his challenge bravely, face with fighter’s blood like when you watch him in the GoT. (I wish I can write better to tell you how scary the challenge is and to witness the great Khal).

After that came my turn, it was a very tense moment. I was scared to death like it was happening in real life. But everything just went so calm when I heard him whispers “Come on baby, you can do this” from outside of the cage. Oh my God!

By the way, it was just a dream. Lol. It did not end there you know, because when I’m awake at that moment, I saw he posted something on Instagram.

Jason Momoa Island

Oh what?? The very similar island I had in my dreams Jason! Too good to be true..

Honestly, I always want him to come back, for real, in Game of Thrones. Please George, create something to bring him back to life. If you can cure Jon as what rumors say, you can bring the Khal back, don’t you?



After 6 years

Is there any truth behind the myth “if a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime“? 


Back in April 2008, me and another 3 friends are the clingiest roommate people ever seen in KMNS history. You know why? Because we ate together, watched movie together, did room cleaning together. Hmmm that is normal I think.

What makes us so extremely abnormal? Because we did these:

  1. Go bathroom together and laughing while brushing teeth.
  2. Pray together (sembahyang berjemaah) and keep shifting imam.
  3. The hardworking one wakes the lazy monkey to do revision.
  4. Shops at the co-op together, one of us buy ice cream and the rest cannot tahan haha.
  5. Watch ghost movies late at night.
  6. Dance like nobody heard us. I wish I still have that red blanket video. 

We spent most of the time together and we laughed a lot, like a lot SERIOUSLY. Cracking everyone’s head with stupid jokes even sometimes it makes sense.

I shall never write the full list of long and sweet memories we had back then. But I believe it will remain with us for the rest of our lives. So the sad thing, we didn’t see each other after graduated from the matriculation program.


I found them back! So where are we now? 7 years and counting?

There was this day when all of us are busy with work and all, we finally managed to get everyone’s phone number! Let’s skip the part where I found them, how and what we did to reunite these crazy long lost roommates. 


  1. Workaholic account student now become an account executive at Klang.
  2. Sleeping beauty biology student now become a Science Officer at UTAR.
  3. Beautician biology student now at Japan and work for Shimano. 
  4. And me the lazy monkey now a SAP Analyst at BP.


Missing one of them in this photo, but will meet her in Japan soon!

Can you guess who’s the sleeping beauty and the workaholic friend?

80 days to Japan

sakura art 1



Planning an itinerary is the most crucial things to do months ahead before travelling. Since we are not using travel agency service for this trip, the first thing we do is that we prepared a very detailed itinerary ourselves. We want to make sure we spend our every single time wisely during our stay at Japan.

Itinerary 1

There are few tips you can learn below to avoid any hassle when you get there.

Planning Tips:

  • Consider Japan school/ public holiday when planning to visit tourist attraction
  • Know the season and when is the best time to visit Japan
  • Get direction from Google Maps and plan how you travel from one place to another
  • Study their culture before visiting any place. For example wearing shoes in a temple is not allowed.
  • Download their native language tool to master few speaking phrase. It really helps!
  • Find suitable shoes to wear for the whole trip. Sports shoes is the best GO.

If you got better tips, please let me know here.


Plan your luggage weight wisely to avoid extra charges at the airport especially when you return. This means plan your shopping earlier and get to enjoy the rest of your trip. This will also give you some idea how many kgs you need for your return luggage. Last minute shopping will not do you any good when you end up squeezing stuff into you bag and spoil the zipper. Perhaps you can try to the smart way of packing.


Of course travelling will cost you a lot of money. Like us, we bought the ticket 5 months earlier but that super advanced plan also has damaged us more than RM1000 for the ticket itself. So, we started to plan some saving tips to make sure we have enough cash to support our living there. Worst case we will end up playing ukulele on the Japan streets :p

Saving Tips:

1. #Noshoppingchallenge

So we started this painful campaign that you are forbidden to shop new clothes or any beauty attachment for yourselves until the day we go Japan. It sounds like a torture but this is to prevent ourselves from buying unnecessary stuff. In case if anyone fail to do so, you need to put the same amount of money into the saving. So if a pair of shoes cost like 200, you need to buy it at a 400 price.

2.  Cut expenses from debit/credit card.

Some of us do not have credit card and very lucky that they don’t have to worry about swiping them. So in order to save money, you can’t use credit card for whatever purpose and you only withdraw your money once in a month.

3. Petrol and toll

For petrol and toll fees, use a prepaid account to do that. Do it at the beginning of the month when you have your salary banked in.

4. Orange saving

Most people are familiar with this term as the RM20 note is orange in color. These tips require you to keep your RM20 whenever you have that inside your purse. So you swear that you will never use RM20 note for your daily expenses but to keep them in the bank by the end of the day.

Do wait for our short video and a lot of photos #japanakudatang #japanherewecome by early November!