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80 days to Japan

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Planning an itinerary is the most crucial things to do months ahead before travelling. Since we are not using travel agency service for this trip, the first thing we do is that we prepared a very detailed itinerary ourselves. We want to make sure we spend our every single time wisely during our stay at Japan.

Itinerary 1

There are few tips you can learn below to avoid any hassle when you get there.

Planning Tips:

  • Consider Japan school/ public holiday when planning to visit tourist attraction
  • Know the season and when is the best time to visit Japan
  • Get direction from Google Maps and plan how you travel from one place to another
  • Study their culture before visiting any place. For example wearing shoes in a temple is not allowed.
  • Download their native language tool to master few speaking phrase. It really helps!
  • Find suitable shoes to wear for the whole trip. Sports shoes is the best GO.

If you got better tips, please let me know here.


Plan your luggage weight wisely to avoid extra charges at the airport especially when you return. This means plan your shopping earlier and get to enjoy the rest of your trip. This will also give you some idea how many kgs you need for your return luggage. Last minute shopping will not do you any good when you end up squeezing stuff into you bag and spoil the zipper. Perhaps you can try to the smart way of packing.


Of course travelling will cost you a lot of money. Like us, we bought the ticket 5 months earlier but that super advanced plan also has damaged us more than RM1000 for the ticket itself. So, we started to plan some saving tips to make sure we have enough cash to support our living there. Worst case we will end up playing ukulele on the Japan streets :p

Saving Tips:

1. #Noshoppingchallenge

So we started this painful campaign that you are forbidden to shop new clothes or any beauty attachment for yourselves until the day we go Japan. It sounds like a torture but this is to prevent ourselves from buying unnecessary stuff. In case if anyone fail to do so, you need to put the same amount of money into the saving. So if a pair of shoes cost like 200, you need to buy it at a 400 price.

2.  Cut expenses from debit/credit card.

Some of us do not have credit card and very lucky that they don’t have to worry about swiping them. So in order to save money, you can’t use credit card for whatever purpose and you only withdraw your money once in a month.

3. Petrol and toll

For petrol and toll fees, use a prepaid account to do that. Do it at the beginning of the month when you have your salary banked in.

4. Orange saving

Most people are familiar with this term as the RM20 note is orange in color. These tips require you to keep your RM20 whenever you have that inside your purse. So you swear that you will never use RM20 note for your daily expenses but to keep them in the bank by the end of the day.

Do wait for our short video and a lot of photos #japanakudatang #japanherewecome by early November!