Yes, I have never been to anywhere

  1. Yes, I have never been on a cruise.
  2. Yes, I have never ride an elephant.
  3. Yes, I have never been to Bali.
  4. Yes, I have never been to Sabah Sarawak.
  5. Yes, I never tried sky-diving.
  6. Yes, I have never took a ride in a limo.
  7. Yes, I have never experience those things like everyone else.

After the conversation, I realized that my life is not as adventurous like other people where they have the opportunity to travel around the world. I thought I have experienced enough, but I’m not. I wish I could put them all in my bucket list but the fact that the list will go on and on, there is no point to feel sad about it.

Some people are very lucky because they had the opportunities. But never look at others as if they missed out most of the fun in life. Pull them up, build dreams with them. Every little thing counts, even a promise that you never had a chance to fulfill.

I might not be a fun person after all, but I am grateful of what I have now. You can’t see the blessings because you keep peeping at others and compare.


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