the GAP

I had a thought about it yesterday, the difference you felt towards anyone you are closed to. How close you are does not really mean how you share things with them. It means, something else.

A friend once told me, you share your personal affair with someone because you believe they might understand the same like you do. The most obvious one, to whom you ever shared your balance in your bank account? Family? Maybe?

It’s the gap. Why I said family simply means because you don’t feel the gap between you and your family. A family won’t put you in a corner where you’d feel so small with what you have. No matter how much your dad owns, he will not talk about it. You know yourself but since he doesn’t brag or mention anything about money, you will not feel the gap, so you wouldn’t mind sharing how much you had. There’s still some who did that to motivate their son etc, there is no harm doing that though 🙂

What I am trying to explain here is that, you will share things as long as you don’t feel the gap. I am not sure how many knows that I don’t like to talk about money, if need to, yes. They might not have intention of bragging or showing off, but once I feel the gap, you and me, I will not talk about my money. I am just not comfortable. I know you won’t judge but if you try to fill in the gaps, I will.

There are some people who knows almost everything about me just because they don’t make me feel the gap. Rich and poor, good or bad, as long as I feel no difference, I would love to share things with you.


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