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Jason Momoa in my dream

I’ve been a fan of Jason Momoa since I found him on¬†Game of Thrones Season I. Having him as your man must be every girl’s dream but to have him inside your dream is the sweetest moment ever happened, to me, in my dream ūüôā

So this morning, I was awaken by a very beautiful dream that I could wish for more. So here the story goes:

There was one island, a very beautiful island where me and Jason spend our evening. Not long after that, the emergency alarm was beeping and everyone was running away from something. He was on his surfing board when the big waves come.  Aquaman on what, again?

So we started to swim and find our way until we reached this one land. Land of nowhere but only the natives tried to tie us up and make us their hostages. We were locked in a cage where we need to survive some challenges in order to spare our lives.

There’s a sharp metal studded ball bearing like a Newton’s cradle exactly behind our head and sharp knife at the front enough to split the head into halves. He did his challenge bravely, face with fighter’s blood like when you watch him¬†in the GoT. (I wish I can write better to tell you how scary the challenge is and¬†to witness the great Khal).

After that came my turn, it was a very tense moment. I was scared to death like it was happening in real life. But everything just went so calm when I heard him whispers “Come on baby, you can do this”¬†from outside of the cage. Oh my God!

By the way, it was just a dream. Lol. It did not end there you know, because when I’m awake at that moment, I saw¬†he¬†posted something on Instagram.

Jason Momoa Island

Oh what?? The very similar island I had in my dreams Jason! Too good to be true..

Honestly, I always want him to come back, for real, in Game of Thrones. Please George, create something to bring him back to life. If you can cure Jon as what rumors say, you can bring the Khal back, don’t you?