After 6 years

Is there any truth behind the myth “if a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime“? 


Back in April 2008, me and another 3 friends are the clingiest roommate people ever seen in KMNS history. You know why? Because we ate together, watched movie together, did room cleaning together. Hmmm that is normal I think.

What makes us so extremely abnormal? Because we did these:

  1. Go bathroom together and laughing while brushing teeth.
  2. Pray together (sembahyang berjemaah) and keep shifting imam.
  3. The hardworking one wakes the lazy monkey to do revision.
  4. Shops at the co-op together, one of us buy ice cream and the rest cannot tahan haha.
  5. Watch ghost movies late at night.
  6. Dance like nobody heard us. I wish I still have that red blanket video. 

We spent most of the time together and we laughed a lot, like a lot SERIOUSLY. Cracking everyone’s head with stupid jokes even sometimes it makes sense.

I shall never write the full list of long and sweet memories we had back then. But I believe it will remain with us for the rest of our lives. So the sad thing, we didn’t see each other after graduated from the matriculation program.


I found them back! So where are we now? 7 years and counting?

There was this day when all of us are busy with work and all, we finally managed to get everyone’s phone number! Let’s skip the part where I found them, how and what we did to reunite these crazy long lost roommates. 


  1. Workaholic account student now become an account executive at Klang.
  2. Sleeping beauty biology student now become a Science Officer at UTAR.
  3. Beautician biology student now at Japan and work for Shimano. 
  4. And me the lazy monkey now a SAP Analyst at BP.


Missing one of them in this photo, but will meet her in Japan soon!

Can you guess who’s the sleeping beauty and the workaholic friend?

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